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Read here about what I can offer and see if it is recognizable to your preferences.

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Do you also want to get most out of life?
The reasons for therapy can be many. You may find that your life is controlled in a different direction of what you want without really knowing what it is you want. I assume that you are in this page because you want to achieve something else for yourself. Read here about what I can offer and see if it os recognizable to your preferences.

In therapy you can get help finding your very own and personal path in life
In therapy, you can gain greater insight into yourself with everything you are. With greater insight into yourself you will get more opportunities in life and you can be able to live a life that is in accordance with your wishes, needs and values.

The therapy (Gestalt Therapy, Somatic Experiencing & NARM) is body-oriented directions with a soft and gentle approach seeks to awaken and rediscover the body´s natural ressources in order to redeem stuffy and pent-up energy to restore the body´s natural flow with a balance of body and mind.

Maby you know one or more of the following statements?

  • Turmoil in the body, racing heart or shallow breathing
  • Being confused and find it difficult to orient you towards that which is meaningful to you
  • Troubling thoughts about things that can go wrong or fear of not being good enough
  • The feeling of inadequacy wirh the feeling that you are your own worst enemy
  • The feeling of being irritable, aggressive, uncomfortable, fearful or on constant alert
  • Develomental trauma
    Problems with standing by yourself, your needs and boundaris
  • Problems in your relationship

The approach in therapy
In therapy, we examine together your perception of yourself and the world around you. We are curious in what you sense, feel and thing – and uncovers then what impact it has on you as a person. That way you can have a greater awareness of who you are, in the basis of what is meaningful to you.

Gestalt therapy

Gestalt therapy is experience-oriented, which means that you will have experience of your challenges and successes in therapy and thus experiences that you can be and do something different that you have done so far.

You can achieve more peace and balance as you get to know yourself better by releasing old patterns.

I’m sworn to secrecy regarding everything that we talk about in therapy. In this way, what is said between you and me so you can feel at ease to open up what might fill.

The Method
Gestalt Therapy is the therapeutic direction in psychotherapy as I practice. It is based on gestalt psychology as briefly described relate to how people organize sensory stimuli such as identifying what is in Figure / focus and reason / background of the person. Now look at the picture here (Rubin’s vase) and see if you can spot the two images in it. switching between the two images show the change between figure and ground. It is a way of understanding the figure / ground mechanism.

The Gestalt meta-theoretical approach is existential and should be understood in the sense that it is yourself as a human being that has the responsibility to create the life you want. It is your choices and actions that can create a life that is meaningful to you. You have a choice – you can choose yourself and your own life content.

The focus of therapy is to create a balance between the sensations, feelings and thoughts on an experience-oriented way. This means creating experiences in therapy using different techniques where you get experience with new ways of being in life. You will gain insight into your resources, restrictions, limitations, automated behavioral patterns etc. With greater insight into yourself you will have better opportunity to influence your life in the direction you want.

The dialogue is maintained at what is happening right here and now and the past has secondary importance. however, The past will be involved if it disturbs you from living your life in the present. It’s from Zen Buddhism that Gestalt therapy has its position that all things be done in the present.

The method is phenomenological and that means that I’m curious about how you feel to be in life. I’m curious about you including your physical expression, your thoughts and words, feelings and experiences of both yourself and your surroundings and I uncovers the significance it has for you. I follow you to wherever it makes sense for you to go. I respect your experience of reality, and studies the influence it has on you. Greater attention to yourself and the one you are with everything you accommodates gives you the ability to make the choices that are meaningfull to you.

Developmental trauma – NARM therapy in Næstved

The method to work with developmental trauma and related problems has been developed by Ph.D. Laurence Heller has written the book “Healing developmental Trauma”

An insecure or faulty connection in a child’s first year creates an imbalance in the child’s ability to regulate itself by intense emotional state. Has the child not been regulated and calmed through safe reflections from it´s caregivers then the ability to calm it self down is not in the child itself and it will have difficulty containing intense emotional states. This is referred to as a development trauma.

The child and later the adult is therefore without the necessary capacity to handle intense emotional states and therefore develop stress, depression or anxiety due to a limited resistance. In developing trauma the child has been forced to block the intense emotional states to protect the poor relation.

You can get help with

  • Become more aware of your wishes and needs
  • Trauma release
  • Achieve greater acceptance of yourself with everything that you are about to restore contact with the hidden resources in you
  • Redeemer stress or anxiety by releasin accumulated and stuck energy in the nervous system
  • Unleash the physical and mental tension
  • Develop your ability to accommodate larger emotional states without getting overwhelmed
  • Be free of inappropriate automated thought and surviving patterns
  • Get clarity about your relationships

Perhaps you may recognize some of these states that may indicate development trauma

  • Anxiety
  • Fear of anger or vulnerability
  • Great need to feel strong and independent
  • Challenges to be in contact with other people -you feel inadequate and different
  • Do not trust other people
  • Challenges to accommodate yourself and believe that you must / should be a certain way
  • Criticizing thoughts about yourself and fear of what others think about you
  • The disappearance into yourself
  • Authority Believers or rebellious
  • Being easily jealous of other people
  • Feel sad, discouraged and can not find meaning in life – depressive tendencies
  • Decreased body sensation and contact to the needs and limits
  • Pain in the lower back or neck pain, headache and other physical complaints
  • The perception that you can not be who you are
  • The absence of the sense of joy in life

In therapy with developing trauma we will track and experience the inner blockages that prevent you from being in touch with yourself, feel love and joy based on the survival strategies you’ve learned in childhood. We will work with your ability to be in contact with the body and emotions to train your ability to control your emotional state so you can learn to be with yourself emotionally.

Your ability to feel connected with yourself and others using mindfull focus on personal resources strengthened. The limitations of being stuck in survival strategy is replaced with a greater capacity to yourself and freedom in life. This is done by examining and discover your survival patterns in order to integrate the experience and the ability to be in touch with yourself and others.
You should feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Somatic Experiencing

The method for treating acute shock/trauma is developed by Ph.D. Peter Levine, among other things, has written “Waking The Tiger”.

The causes of shock / trauma can be many. This could be a car accident, being attacked physically or mentally, a sudden death of a loved one. As mentioned initially, the reasons for shock / trauma be many and therefore it is the symptoms that tell more about your condition than the event itself.

Perhaps you may recognize some of these symptoms that may be signs of shock / trauma

  • Restlesness
  • Tearfulness
  • General sad and depressive features
  • Short fuse / indefinite anger
  • Anxiety
  • No body sensations
  • Obsessive thoughts or behavior
  • On guard all the time with the feeling of being persecuted or in danger
  • Inability to be present in the moment
  • Poor or interrupted sleep
  • Changes in appetite, nausea or headache
  • Pain in the legs, lower back or neck
  • Increased consumption of alcohol or other stimulants
  • Tired
  • Nightmare
  • Isolation from the outside world
  • Flash back’s

A trauma occurs not from the incident itself. The trauma occurs when the energy the incident triggers, will not be released again and thus frozen in the body. The degree of trauma level varies depending on the response to the incident.

SE method is developed based on a knowledge of mammals’ ability to release energy after being chased by a predator. The way the mammal redeems the accumulated energy is by physically tremble / shake it off when the danger has passed. In therapy we therefore work with the body’s innate ability to regulate itself (shake the shock of) so that the stored energy is not frozen in the body and becomes a trauma.

We work gently with the body sensations and support the nervous system’s natural ability to redeem the accumulated energy. This is done by guide towards a greater awareness of bodily sensations, thereby strengthening the body’s natural flow with a rewrite of the incident.

In shock reactions, we act instinctively to fight, flight or freeze and therefore we do not control, how we react. If the energy is not redeemed by either fight or flight in the situation, it will “freeze” in the body and that is what we call a trauma. This frozen energy can then cause us to react as if the danger / threat is still present. We remain vigilant with sharpened senses, fear, and we can feel helpless. This condition can trigger one or more of the above symptoms.

In therapy, the energy will be redeemed and you can go back and live your life like you did before the incident.

Want to hear more about therapy in Næstved?

Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions about therapy in Næstved or if you need to get clarification related to your symptoms. Gestalt therapist and SE practitioner/trauma therapist, Beritt Bie Lillethorup.